A.E.C. Solutions Presents Liberty Digital Multi-channel Court Room Recording System!

Free Yourself  from Tapes

The Liberty Court Recorder is a PC based audio recording program designed to run on a standard PC using the Windows operating system.  The Liberty solution can record and playback on multi-channels.  It also includes bookmark and text notes features that allow for Tab Stops for instant cueing and text to be imbedded directly into the resulting audio files.  As a bonus the Liberty system will also allow you to capture video and have it tied to your audio capture.

Multi-channel for the greatest flexibility!


Liberty Court Recording System gives you complete control from your computer of your recorded files!
Whether you need 1 channel to 8 channels, Liberty is with you!

Liberty Screen


The Liberty Transcription Player allows you to completly control your transcription right from your on computer!

Liberty Player Screen

You can listen to all channels or one channel or even select a combination of channels to trancribe, your in controll, either by keystroke or foot control!  If you have bookmarks or index tabs you can instantly go to them.

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