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The Liberty Interview Recorder is a sim­ple, easy to use recording system that                                                 cap­tures interview audio, video and notes for police, law enforcement services and other government agencies.

Police Detectives

"The Liberty Interview Recorder allows police and other agencies to capture interview recordings and document the interview.”

The program uses standard VHS-like Start, Stop and Record buttons. The recorded mate­rial is saved into a single file on the recording system hard-drive. Optionally, the file may be automatically and simultaneously recorded to a secure file server and saved onto a CD/DVD. The recordings can later be transcribed or pro­vided to other agencies in a universal playback format.

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The recorded notes serve as "bookmarks" or cue points into the recording file. The notes may later be searched to find and identify recordings files. They also eliminate the need to fast-forward or rewind through large recor­ding files.

Liberty Interview Recorder

·          Real-time audio and video display for concur­rent monitoring.

·          Configuration options include recording multi­ple interview rooms onto a single PC saving money and space on PC hardware.

·          Recordings saved into universal formats such as.pdf and .wmv for distribution to other agen­cies, eliminating the need for the download of proprietary playback programs.

·          Custom watermark plus time and date stamp imbedded onto every recording frame.

·          Remote monitor capabilities through a stan­dard LAN network.

·          Optional remote "start-recording" facility with either a hardware switch, or through a remote control program.

·          Recording LED that may be installed into the interview room to confirm that recording is active.

·          Optional "case information" prompt so that each interview is documented with a consis­tent set of information.

·          Instantaneous playback cueing; no more delay while waiting for fast-forward or rewind functions.

·          Playback program specifically designed for
transcription including foot-pedal support.

·          Automatic Gain Control and Noise Reduction facilities for the clearest possible audio play­back.

·          Mute button provides continuous video recording with muted audio.

·          Search facility matches on any text entered into the associated file notes.

·          Non-proprietary, open source compression formats.

·          Configurable frame rates and video resolutions.


·           Recordings saved in a digital format that may be copied onto any standard Windows supported media including external hard-drives, memory sticks and CD/DVDs.

·           Eliminate bulky tapes and one-off DVDs that are difficult to copy, save and manage over extended periods of time.

·           Optional ability to automatically save the recording files to a central file server.

·           Optional touch-screen support with over-size push-button controls for all recording functions.

·           Industry standard off-the-shelf Windows PC components that may be serviced by any IT professional.

·           No more lost DVDs or broken VHS tapes.

Save Audio / Video Recordings into standard PDF Files
with Cue Points and Annotations

Bookmarks provide multiple cue points to where the operator may instantaneously jump the audio / video playback.

Audio / Video recordings may be saved into standard .pdf documents. Annotations can provide cue points into the recordings and playback is facilitated through Windows Media Player. A proprietary playback program is not required.

Interview Room

Liberty Interview Recording systems are available that support multiple recording rooms on one PC as well as multi-PC configurations supporting numerous rooms.

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